Fastest Auto Clicker

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Computer system requirements:

Running Windows 8, 10 or higher and at least 8 GB RAM, Intel ++ processor

What can you do with our Auto Clicker?


Software Testing

It can be time-consuming for anyone to test several UI elements repeatedly. In such a case, specialized macros and auto clickers can be created to test the various software elements.


Automation of Data Entry

Auto clickers are useful to replicate the sequence of tasks and automate the process, saving time and reducing the possibility of error. An auto clicker cannot automate data entries that are more complex.



Auto clickers are used by some gamers to automate gaming moves such as shooting or attacking to increase their clicking speed in games like Roblox, Minecraft, and several more. 


Constant clicking tasks

Some tasks or jobs require you to remain active on the screen, and when you are not connected to your system, you will be displayed as idle or offline. The simple solution is to use an auto clicker, which will keep clicking at predetermined intervals, keeping you active even when you are not at your computer.


Flash Deals of the Day

Another fantastic application for auto clickers is the ability to take advantage of flash online deals. There are numerous shopping sites where you must act quickly in order to redeem and take advantage of the offer. It's simple to do with an auto clicker.


Page Refresh

Users can also use an auto clicker to automatically refresh their web page. While waiting for an email or a critical link, we may find ourselves repeatedly pressing the refresh button. Allow the auto clicker to do that while you sit back and relax.

Never be banned again

In a few multiplayer games, an auto-clicker would provide an unfair advantage to a player. The software can detect the use of an auto-clicker and prevent the user from competing. But with fastest auto clicker, you will not face such issues.

Various Advanced Features

You can record the series of clicks. It will save it in form of a table inside the interface. Then you can come back and play it any number of times with custom delay options.

Once the sequence of clicks is done, you can save it in form of a txt file and then share it with any number of friends to perform the exact same sequence any number of times.

There are various ways in which you can set the location of clicks, for example: cursor location, X-Y coordinates and selecting an area for clicking inside it.