How to use an Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker, as the name implies, is a software program that is designed to help automate the mouse clicks on an element on the computer. Clickers can often be set to repeat previously recorded input or to generate input based on various current settings.

What can you do with an Auto Clicker?

Depending on the type of task that needs to be automated, an auto clicker can be used in a variety of ways. In general, auto clicker programs are primarily used by gamers or software testers to rest their fingers and hands.

How to Use an Auto Clicker?

As we are now well aware of the applications and parameters of auto clickers. It’s time to figure out how this thing works! Obviously, we don’t want to get into the weeds of programming or backend software issues. However, we can see how you might use this application.

  • Install any reputable auto clicker application. Install the program.
  • Once completed, run it to see the previously mentioned options/parameters.
  • You must fill in the blank fields one at a time. First, select the number of clicks you want to make and enter it.
  • Then, choose a time delay or interval between the two clicks.
  • Select the click type (single click/double click) and the key to be clicked (right, left, or middle). If you’re using a keyboard presser, you’ll see options to enter the keys in a specific order.
  • Configure the hotkey button. Choose different hotkey buttons if the start and stop options differ.
  • Finally, decide where you want the cursor to be. Enter the coordinates by dragging your cursor to the desired location or by selecting the dynamic location option.
  • To run the auto clicker software, minimize it and press the hotkey. You will notice that the cursor will automatically click based on the settings you have set.